Furniture Care and Warranty

We only make furniture that lasts. Over their lifetime our products will need a little care and attention to ensure they can be enjoyed by generations to come. The following information will help you care for your sofas in the best possible way.



Vacuum fabrics on a weekly basis to remove dust, dirt and any loose feathers. Treat spills and stains as soon as possible by wiping with a damp cloth, do not treat with chemical cleaners or scrub as this can alter the fabrics appearance. We recommend contacting a specialist fabric cleaner to treat difficult stains. Direct sunlight may cause colour change and ageing of your fabric, for best performance we recommend positioning your furniture out of direct UV light.



Regularly shape and rotate loose cushions where applicable to maintain their shape and loft. Some movement may occur with loose covers as they are designed for a relaxed look and feel. It is natural that cushion fillings will settle and seat foams will soften over time, we recommend flipping the cushions on your sofa when you vacuum. Scatter inserts can be refreshed and plumped by laying them out in the sun to air. While specialised fabrics have been selected to contain feathers in compartments, occasionally feather quills can pierce through the covers. They can be simply removed by pulling the feather



LIFETIME -  A lifetime warranty covers the structural integrity of all of our upholstered sofas, armchairs and bedheads. The warranty specifically relates to frames, suspension and support, it ensures your purchase is free of defective workmanship in furniture that is subject to normal application and has been carefully maintained and sensibly used.